Chain conveyor (option) shown

Thanks to CNC scheduler software, automatic and continuous 3D laser cutting of large, long structural material.High precision cutting of complex features by 3D laser head and automatic focus positioning.

 Can cut long, large structural materials

Max. material length 

: 8080 mm
  (option : 6180 mm, 12280 mm, 15180 mm )

Max. Cutting length for unloading : 8080 mm
  (option : 6180 mm, 12280 mm, 15180 mm )
Max. material diameter  : round pipe Φ406.4 mm, H beam  300 mm,
   square pipe  □ 300 mm


    • Optional chain conveyor for increased versatility and maximum quantity of workpieces
    • Optimum focus positioning is automatically determined resulting in considerably reduced piecing time
    • Just load long material in the loading station, and 3D cutting is performed automatically as well as transfer of finished parts to the unloading station 

  • Complete all cutting processes from 3D cutting to tapping in just one machine when equipped with the optional tapping unit [Max. M12 (1/2 UNC and UNF)]
  • 2.5kW and 4.0kW are available.

The 3D FABRI GEAR 400 lll, winner of the “47th Machine Design Awards” in Japan   MORE


Machine Specifications
Feed Axes
Maximum Cutting Size (Round)
Maximum Cutting Size (Square)
Maximum Workpiece Length (Loading)
Maximum Workpiece Length (Unloading)
Travel (X axis)
Travel (Y axis)
Travel (Z axis)
406.4 mm
300 mm
8080 mm
8080 mm
8790 mm
1270 mm
370 mm

Mazak 3D Fabri Gear III Laser Technology

Control Type: Mazak FX