Micro Chuck – Reach the peak

1-6 mm

High-precision chuck Idea for microtools.
Clamping range 1 - 6 mm. Peripheral or internal cooling Significantly better dampening in comparison to Shrink
Chucks Slim shape D1=13,5 mm
Perfect runout ≤ 3 μm 2,5xD
Up to 40.000 1/min ≤ 1 gmm
Now super surface at areas with limited accessibility.
Collets with special coating.

APC Chuck – Speed & Safety

New for 5- axis operation

At present, the Albrecht APC is the best performing chuck world wide. In the area of speed, tool life and safety.

1st drill chuck – invented in 1930

and constantly improved

Whoever invents a technical product and then works on improving it for more than 80 years finally will reach the best possible technical standard of today. The truth itself. An Albrecht drill chuck will adhere to this truth. Self-tightening features based on practical experiences. Built with the best steel and with all essential parts hardened. This results in a drill chuck all other manufacturers worldwide have to live up to. Diamond coated jaws for clamping as per your request, 6 sizes in different range, for clockwise operation, ISO 239 or UNF.

Ultra Chuck – Maximise your Work

ultra metal removal rate

Albrecht Ultra. From September 2019. In present record attempt Ultra machines 12 litre/ min.
But even more is possible. With Albrecht Ultra you’re constantly increase productivity. Maybe it’s you setting the new world record.
Ultra-Clamping, Ultra-Dampening, Ultra-Safe. In addition, peripheral cooling which adapts perfectly to each and every daily challenge.

CNC Drill Chuck – Quick without collets

1-16 mm

An Albrecht CNC chuck replaces all collets, thus,
saves you many working days