The new INTEGREX i-H series of Multi-Tasking machines, with enhanced ability to satisfy the growing trend for automation, are being launched by Yamazaki Mazak at EMO 2019.

The new i-H range, which updates the outstandingly successful INTEGREX i-series, is represented at EMO by two new models equipped with SmoothAi, Mazak’s new artificial intelligence control, which has in-built learning capability to continually improve machine performance. 

Setting a new standard in the compact class for Multi-Tasking, the INTEGREX i-200H ST is an eight-inch chuck model equipped with a 210 mm Y-axis, offering Ø600 mm maximum swing and high-speed 5,000 rpm main and second spindles. The larger INTEGREX i-450H ST with a twelve-inch chuck features an enlarged 300 mm Y-axis stroke and can handle large workpieces up to Ø670 mm with a powerful 3,300 rpm, 37 kW main spindle and 4,000 rpm second spindle. Both models are equipped with a fully contouring 240°B-axis and the new compact 12,000 rpm milling spindle to maximise capacity within the working envelope.

Fundamental to the new design is the consideration to meet the growing requirement for automation. The new models are styled with a flat front while the tool magazine has been positioned at the rear. This provides greater accessibility to siteautomation at the front of the machine, notably articulated robots, to perform a range of tasks whilst maintaining excellent accessibility for the operator. 

The rear mounted 38-tool magazine not only reduces the overall footprint of the machine but can be optionally expanded to house 74, 112, 157 and 277 tools. As well as providing access to the magazine area at the rear, tools can also be loaded and unloaded at the front of the machine for convenient operation.

ST models will feature a newly designed lower turret enhancing the Multi-Tasking capability of the INTEGREX while boosting productivity to realise optimised cycle times. The new symmetrically opposed parallel-type lower turret features an enhanced 12 position capacity with upgraded milling performance boasting 10,000 rpm and 7.5k W. In addition to its high performance, flexibility is enhanced by an optional hydraulic steady rest mounted directly on the turret face.

The INTEGREX i-450H ST on view at EMO is integrated with a highly flexible automation cell designed to maximise Multi-Tasking capability in unmanned production of complex and varied workpieces. The highly innovative cell features articulated robot with five different stocker carts housing robot hands, chuck jaws, tooling, shaft and chuck workpieces. Integration of automation is further enhanced with the new Smooth RCC (Robot Cell Controller), which adds advanced capabilities, such as checking resources for tool and fixture set-up, whilst the Robot Setup Assist enables efficient programming of the robot in the same co-ordinate system as the machine.

The automation capability of the i-450H ST is further enhanced by the optional Auto Jaw Changer (AJC) fitted to both the main and second spindles with 10 sets of jaws for each chuck. The AJC enables components of different diameters to be sequenced in unmanned automatic operation and eliminates the need to manually set jaws in-between component change overs. With further automation, additional jaws can be changed in both the main and second spindle AJC units through dedicated access panels on the front of the machine.

Continuing the focus on automation, the INTEGREX i-200H ST at EMO showcases a compact solution for unmanned machining of complex workpiece sequence from bar material up to Ø65 mm. Coupled with a short magazine barfeeder, sequencing of components is managed by a bar feed scheduler embedded in the CNC. Finished workpieces are dispatched onto an exit conveyor by a work unloading unit and work ejector ensuring high value components safely exit without