Programming, Cutting Simulation and Time Study


Mazak CAMWARE is unique software that can easily make MAZATROL programs on a Windows personal computer. CAD files can be imported and their data easily utilized to even further reduce the time required to prepare machining programs. Data contained in programs generated by CAMWARE, such as tooling lists and cycle times, are shared by the other modules of the Cyber Production Center.

MAZATROL Conversational Programming


Programs can be generated or edited on a PC. In addition, automatic determination of optimum cutting conditions and automatic determination of required tools are standard features.

Time Study & Required Tool List

CAMWARE displays a bar graph of each tool's machining time for detailed analysis. This easily allows the time for each tool's process to be quickly compared.




3D Solid Machining Simulation

You can check all the machining processes as well as interference between fixtures & tool with this 3D solid machining simulation.



File Manager
Program management & Program Input / Output Functions

Programs generated at the machine side or CAMWARE can be transferred to other machines over the network. You can also back up each machine parameter.





CAMWARE SOLID 640M can import and operate with various solid model formats including Parasolid, solid IGES and STL. The importation of solid models of fixtures and clamps enable them to be fully represented during the simulation procedure.

View Unit Shapes
CAMWARE SOLID 640M provides the ability to display the program unit shapes as solid models as opposed to wire frame images. Editing of the color and transparency attributes greatly improves visual awareness of the programmed part.
Workpiece, design model, and fixture colors can be defined independently.

Improved Simulation Display


Instead of all the index faces being merged into one plane during simulation, viewing the simulation of the machining on the different indexed faces visually improves the display of the simulated model. Also, displaying the programmed workpiece and simulated model at the correct horizontal / vertical attitude provides yet another visual enhancement.

Improved Collision Detection


CAMWARE SOLID 640M incorporates more accurate workpiece/fixture, tool and tool holder collision detection during tool path simulation. Together with the enhanced tool / tool holder display, this is achieved by importing solid model fixture and tool holder data created by external sources.