Products: INTEGREX j Series

The INTEGREX i-V series is the innovative fusion of turning centers and machining centers that can perform 5-axis machining. Higher productivity is ensured thanks to its ability to effectively integrate multiple machining processes.


The INTEGREX j-series multi-tasking machines designed to provide you the maximum value

The INTEGREX j-200 is a compact machine designed for large workpieces - maximum machining size is Ø 500 mm and maximum machining length is 500 mm. Additionally, a large machining area is provided thanks to long strokes: X axis: 450 mm), Y-axis: 200 mm, Z-axis: 550 mm, B-axis indexing range: 220° and C-axis: 360°. The orthogonal Y-axis machine construction is the same as INTEGREX i-150 and INTEGREX e-series and allows face milling, end milling, and drilling to be performed in the large machining area without C-axis indexing thanks to long Y-axis stroke: 200 mm(±100 mm).

INTEGREX j-series is designed to meet the following requirements:

  1. For customers who are using CNC tuning centers and machining centers and are interested in multi-tasking machines - but feel they are too complicated to operate and are expensive.
  2. For customers who need multi-tasking machines with a long Y-axis stroke and are easy to operate.
  3. For customers who need high performance machines in order to quickly produce high value-added components.
  4. For customers who need multi-tasking machines, but without the full range of features found in the other INTEGREX machines.