DRilling tools

Faster, more precise drilling with FRAISA

The range includes high-performance carbide drills from Ø 0.1 mm to drills for hole depths of 30*d, made from carbide for the high-performance machining of steel materials and carbon-fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP).

Supradrill® U Carbide Drills

Universal machining of various types of steel. Safe, reliable drilling processes in steel and stainless steel. Comprehensive range for a broad spectrum of drilling applications. Basic range consists of 3xd IKZ, 5xd IKZ and 5xd without IKZ. Nano-U2 high-performance coating: the outstanding performance
coating for all-purpose drilling in steel. Greater process security, longer tool life and reduced production costs. Thanks to our in-house developed coating concepts and dimension-specific cutting edge design.

Thread milling

High degree of process reliability when milling female threads, with milling depths of up to 3xd. Comprehensive range of thread milling cutters and thread whirlers for the efficient cutting of M, MF, G, UNC, UNF, NPT and NPTF threads. Low tool costs thanks to universal deployment in a wide variety of materials and with the same pitch. No jamming of the chips in the thread thanks to their short length. Cutting speed and feed rate can be selected independently of each other

X-Tap Thread Cutting Tools

Thread cutting tools for high-performance tapping of steel and stainless steel. Outstanding process security at low torque and with long tool life. Numerous thread formats available for a broad range of applications. With a coding system for the safe, reliable selection of tools and application data. TRIBO hard coatings: for reliable tapping in stainless steel.


The new Carbide Drills and Thread-Cutting Tools 2021 catalog also shows you our wide range of tools.