END Milling tools

Better milling with FRAISA

The product range includes milling tools for steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, copper, graphite, 3D-machining and special forms.

High-feed cutting in hardened steels with XFeed-H

With the new XFeed-H milling cutter, FRAISA has produced the perfect tool for realizing HFC processes in hardened steels. Very high feed rates, high cutting speeds and minimal axial engagement depths characterize the strategy of High Feed Cutting (HFC). As a result, this milling concept allows the line-by-line machining of 3D contours in hardened steels – efficiently and quickly.

AX high-performance milling cutters

In the field of roughing technology, the AX-FPS has set new standards in terms of maximum performance and low power consumption. The cutters are equipped with a speciallly ground roughing profile and an internal cooling channel. Ideal prerequisites for optimum chip removal.

NX face-finishing milling cutter

FRAISA’s NX face-finishing cutter is the latest innovation in finishing. The new milling cutter mills plane surfaces that are both visually and measurably of top quality. The secret lies in its axially and radially offset finish-cutting edge. Thanks to this offset, the finish-cutting edge cuts a precisely defined cross-section of chip measuring just a few hundredths of a millimeter. The finish-cutting edge is designed exactly for this chip cross-section and produces brilliant surface qualities.

SX High-performance Milling Cutter

The new SX high-performance milling cutter from FRAISA has been developed specifically for machining stainless and acid-resistant steels. A high degree of universality, excellent cutting performance and a long tool life are its trademarks.

SpheroX Ball Nose End Mill

The new generation of SpheroX milling cutters opens up some impressive new prospects: Where classic HSC machining reaches its limits, new performance horizons can be opened up with HDC machining processes. The SpheroX has been designed for HDC processes and impresses with its high stock removal rates, which can significantly increase productivity compared to conventional milling cutters.

FRAISA E-Cut – the compact range

The FRAISA E-Cut milling concept combines a very wide range of applications with precisely calculated and verified application data. This makes the tools extremely easy to work with. With just a few clicks, FRAISA ToolExpert delivers perfectly coordinated cutting data. The verified application data guarantee long tool life with high stock removal rates. Simply easy to use!


The HX-RNVS and XSpeed-H are perfect additions to the HX family, which has been specifically designed for high-performance milling of high-hard steels. Optimal tool geometries developed specifically for machining hardened steels, combined with an extremely hard Duro-Si coating, guarantee not only a long service life, but also universal operating conditions with 100% HDC suitability.

High-performance milling of aluminium

The new AX-FPS milling cutter opens up new performance horizons in the field of aluminum machining. The as good as perfect coordination between damping and cutting ability ensures reduced power consumption and torque input by the spindle and guarantees a long service life and maximum process reliability.

Micro-milling of super-hard molds

With the MicroHX ball nose end mills from FRAISA, very hard materials with a hardness of HRC > 60 can now also be machined extremely economically, efficiently, and precisely. The new MicroHX tools have superior service lives, are extremely wear-resistant, and can be used for a very long time.

Micro-milling of graphite

The clever solution for high-precision milling of graphite materials now comprises 219 items with diameters ranging from 0.1 to 6.0 mm. The product assortment sets new standards with outstanding performance, an unprecedented complete product range, and simple, fast tool selection.

High-precision micro-milling

We are presenting our attractive MicroX range in a greatly expanded form – a success story in four dimensions! This product range, now expanded to almost 500 items in diameters ranging from 0.1 to 3.0 mm, sets new benchmarks with respect to performance, completeness and simple and quick tool selection, opening up new options for high-precision micro-milling.

Multi-functional Cutting

Easy-cut and dynamic up to 5.2xd deep.
The multi-functional MB-NVDS (MFC) tools launched last year are extremely popular. Each MFC tool enables up to 96 different applications to be handled, allowing users to achieve significant reductions in inventory and machine setup costs as well as tool change times – and reduce their production costs long-term.

Circular arc milling for brilliant finishing

ArCut X is a productivity booster for finishing with excellent surface quality. Do you finish flat surfaces with a ball nose end mill? Do you ever wonder why the machining times are so long? Then we’ve got great news for you! The new ArCut X tool concept from FRAISA has arrived!

High Dynamic Cutting

FRAISA uses FRAISA HDC to provide the data for the high dynamic cutting strategy. Machining processes can be accelerated using the HDC strategy, reducing the load on tools and making optimal use of the available machinery. Result: Greater productivity and increased efficiency, at significantly lower costs.

High-performance milling for helical interpolation or ramping

The 7 dimensions of NVDS technology opens a ground-breaking range of possibilities! With the new high-performance penetration edge, the NX-NVDS and NB-NVDS achieve a level of performance that facilitates peak productivity and process reliability in 7 dimensions! This FRAISA innovation gives NVDS tools a ground-breaking performance range!


The new “2021 High-performance milling tools” catalog showcases the entire range of FRAISA’s top-quality milling tools.