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Leading the way in coolant recycling


Freddy was established in 1962, supplying the UK and USA with the renowned Mark I filtration machines, originally complementing the de la Pena Oil brand. Since then we have designed and manufactured the Freddy family of industrial vacuums and coolant filtration machines, from the compact and adaptable Superminor, to the robust “great filtrator” Mark 5, all designed to remove, filter and return coolant for longer life, and improve machining results.

Freddy Second Filtration Unit

The Freddy Second Filtration Unit can be used with our existing range of coolant and swarf recycling vacuums.

Freddy Micro

As the name suggests, the new Micro is a compact coolant recycling system, designed and manufactured in the UK. Designed and built to the high standards and specifications that has made the Freddy range a trusted name, the Freddy Micro offers a new solution to your coolant recycling needs.

Freddy Micro Plus

The Freddy Micro Plus is the newest addition to the Freddy Coolant Recycling Vacuum family.

Freddy Superminor

The Freddy Superminor+ has been designed with the operator in mind. Built to be easily manoeuvred around a machine shop. Made of mild steel, it is robust, some have been in action for 25 years or more, so it is suitable for even the most arduous environments.

Freddy Midi

The Freddy Midi has the smallest footprint in the Freddy Coolant Vacuum range, measuring just 620mm in width, making it easy to manoeuvre in all workshops.

Freddy Ecovac

The Freddy Ecovac is unique in the Freddy coolant recycling vacuum family as it is the only vacuum to vacuum out and recycle the coolant continuously, using an independent pump for return.

Freddy CHU

The Freddy Coolant Health Unit (CHU) was developed in conjunction with Rolls-Royce Central Manufacturing Team and tested at Rolls-Royce Derby supported by the Rolls-Royce fluid management provider Quaker Houghton.

Freddy Mark V

The Mark V is one of the largest of our coolant recycling vacuums, ranging from 310 litres to 500 litres tank capacity.

Freddy Mark V Battery Propelled

The Mark V is one of the largest of our coolant recycling vacuums, with our 500 and 1000 litre models, we offer the option of a battery propelled and/or battery operated version.

Freddy Max

The Freddy Max is designed to vacuum out, filter and return coolant for re-use.

Freddy Titan

Born in our Bespoke department, the Titan is the largest of our coolant recycling vacuums. Although made as a 3000-litre unit, it can actually be made in a number of different tank sizes.