Freddy CHU

The Freddy Coolant Health Unit (CHU) was developed in conjunction with Rolls-Royce Central Manufacturing Team and tested at Rolls-Royce Derby supported by the Rolls-Royce fluid management provider Quaker Houghton.

The benefits:
• Avoid using a jet wash – used the filtered coolant to clean the machines
• Extract dirt and debris from ‘dead zones’
• Reduce cleaning time – 2500 litres of coolant can be 100% filtered and returned to a machine within 1 hour
• Reduce coolant changes and prevent waste from coolant changes
• Minimum impact on production – machines with large capacity tanks can continue running
• Hands free operation possible

How it differs from the rest of the Freddy Range:

Can be completely Hands-Free
Automatic fill and empty so no need to stop production
Additional tools (optional) –
• Y shape outlet for connection to standard discharge gun and extended 800mm length discharge gun
• Fishtail nozzle with additional extenders in 1m lengths – so to extend to 3m when required
• Magnetic suction and return nozzles – can be placed in the tank for complete hands-free operation
2nd Filter –
Increases filtration area Enables different levels of filtration with one pass – course filtration through 1st filter, fine filtration through 2nd filter
Controlled use – Ignition key on the motor

In action: After only 4 weeks of deployment over 24,000 litres of coolant waste was avoided – take a look at the below video for more information

360° View

Freddy Coolant Health Unit

How it Works


In Action