Freddy Mark V Battery Propelled

Why recycle coolant?

Whether you are using fully synthetic, semi-synthetic or neat oil, contaminated metalworking fluids are detrimental to business. Reducing the effectiveness, and reducing the life of machine tools can be costly. The finish of your products can be diminished, not to mention the health and safety implications that can be caused by the contaminated coolant, such as dermatitis. Then there is the cost of purchasing and disposing of your metalworking fluid. All of these issues can be solved by a Freddy. Take a look at some of the details for the Micro below, download our technical information sheet, or get in touch to see how we can help.

The Mark V is one of the largest of our coolant recycling vacuums, with our 500 and 1000 litre models, we offer the option of a battery propelled and/or battery operated version. Like the standard Mark V, It has a tilting filter tank, enabling quick and easy emptying of the 60 litre basket. Designed to vacuum out coolant from machine tool sumps, machine beds, drip trays, conveyors and even the shop floor with the dedicated floor tool and recycle it for re-use.

For full details, please download the specification sheet from the technical details tab.

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Mark V Battery Propelled

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