Freddy Micro

Why recycle coolant?

Whether you are using fully synthetic, semi-synthetic or neat oil, contaminated metalworking fluids are detrimental to business. Reducing the effectiveness, and reducing the life of machine tools can be costly. The finish of your products can be diminished, not to mention the health and safety implications that can be caused by the contaminated coolant, such as dermatitis. Then there is the cost of purchasing and disposing of your metalworking fluid. All of these issues can be solved by a Freddy. Take a look at some of the details for the Micro below, download our technical information sheet, or get in touch to see how we can help.

The Freddy Micro is the newest addition to the Freddy Coolant Recycling Vacuum family.  

As the name suggests, the new Micro is a compact coolant recycling system, designed and manufactured in the UK.  Designed and built to the high standards and specifications that has made the Freddy range a trusted name, the Freddy Micro offers a new solution to your coolant recycling needs.

With a smaller footprint, a smaller 50 litre capacity, and weighing less than any previous Freddy, it offers versatility, better mobility and affordability.

Available with a 2kw motor, and either a 240v or 110v power source, the motor can generate an airflow rate of 3000m3/hr with a water in-flow rate of 238 litres per minute and an out-flow rate of 100 litres per minute.  And as with the rest of the Freddy range, fluid is filtered through filtered through a filterbag, which are available from 1000um down to 5um to ensure the Freddy Micro captures all contaminants from your machine tool.

Complete with a 38mm hose and gulper as standard, with the option to upgrade to a 51mm hose if required, as well as a 24 month warranty, the new Micro is a cost effective entry point for coolant recovery.  

For full details, please download the specification sheet from the technical details tab.

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