Freddy Second Filtration Unit

The Freddy Second Filtration Unit can be used with our existing range of coolant and swarf recycling vacuums.

With the Second Filtration unit attached to a Freddy Coolant Recycling vacuum, you are able to double the filtration area.  For those customers that are already passing their coolant through twice to maximise the filtration, it is a handy way to save time too!

With filter bags available from 1 micron to 1000 micron, you are able to pass your coolant and swarf through the second filter unit, through a higher micron filter bag – to say remove the large swarf particles, before it then being passed through a smaller micron filter bag, to remove any  sludge, silt, smaller swarf and other particulates.  This is done in one cycle, so no further time or effort is required! 

If you would like to see how quick and easy it is to fit and use the second filtration unit, please take a look at our “in action” video.

Second Filtration Unit

How it Works

In Action