Freddy Titan

Born in our Bespoke department, the Titan is the largest of our coolant recycling vacuums. Although made as a 3000-litre unit, it can actually be made in a number of different tank sizes.

Well suited to Automotive and Aerospace industries where large wash tanks and CNC’s mean recycling can be done without using multiple IBC units, saving much downtime with unnecessary movements.

Fitted with a large 7.5kw 415v Side channel Pump means it can pull thick oils and heavy solids over a large distance at great speed. Equally the 415v discharge pump can empty the tank within 15 minutes and pump liquid up and into large central tanks.

Designed to be towed by Tractor or Forklift, it is still very manoeuvrable and sits on heavy-duty, non-marking tyres.

Like all Freddy units, it has a filter turret which will accept both our long and short filter baskets. Depending on the application you can decide what is best fit for you.

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