• A wide range of milling spindle specifications: standard 10000rpm, high speed 15000rpm, high torque 5000 rpm for difficult machining materials
    • The table is driven by a direct drive motor to delivery exceptional turning performance
    • Versatile multi-tasking machining thanks to 0.0001°positioning of B and C-axes
    • Compact tilting milling spindle reduces workpiece interference
    • MAZATROL SmoothX CNC
      • INTEGREX i-V  series
      • The INTEGREX i-V series is the innovative fusion of turning  centers and machining centers that can perform 5-axis machining. Higher productivity is ensured thanks to its ability to effectively integrate multiple machining processes.


    • Machine Specifications
    Turning Spindle
    Milling Spindle
    Feed Axes
    Maximum Machining Diameter
    Maximum Machining Length
    Chuck Size
    Maximum Speed
    B-Axis Travel
    Magazine Capacity
    Maximum Speed
    Motor Output (40 ED Rating)
    Travel (X Axis)
    Travel (Y Axis)
    Travel (Z Axis)
    Bed Length -
    1700 mm
    1665 mm
    1000 mm
    500 rpm
    10000 rpm
    37 kw / 50 hp
    1700 mm
    1500 mm
    1150 mm

    Integrex i-V Technology

    Control Type: SmoothX

    Intelligent Machine Functions

    AVCSCCSmooth Machining ConfigurationIntelligent Safet Shield

    Series Characteristics

    • High-speed and high-torque milling spindles with B-axis
    • Large square or round tables with full C-axis rotation for turning
    • CAT 40 and CAT 50 taper spindles
    • Two-pallet changer
    • Tool storage capacities from 40 to 348 tools
    • Easy integration for PALLETECH system for automated manufacturing