• DONE IN ONE Horizontal Multi-tasking Machine
    • Second spindle makes it possible to per form continuous machining from first to second processes
    • Wide machining area thanks to orthogonal Y-axis construction and milling spindle B-axis
    • Excellent access to machining area for increased ease of operation
    • Multiple surface machining in a single workpiece setup thanks to the B-axis
    • Compact size machine with large workpiece capacity
    • First and second spindles with integral spindle/motors
    • Tool magazine located at front of machine for fast setups
    • 200 mm Y-axis stroke and 450 mm X-axis stroke provide large machining area


    Machine Specifications
Main Spindle
Second Spindle
Milling Spindle
Feed Axes
Maximum Swing
Maximum Machining Diameter
Maximum Machining Length
Chuck Size
Maximum Speed
Motor Output (40 ED Rating)
Chuck Size
Maximum Speed
Motor Output (40 ED Rating)
B-Axis Travel
Magazine Capacity
Maximum Speed
Motor Output (40 ED Rating)
Travel (X Axis)
Travel (Y Axis)
Travel (Z Axis)
Bed Length - 500U mm
530 mm
500 mm
910 mm
8 in
5000 rpm
11 kw / 15 hp
8 in
5000 rpm
11 kw / 15 hp
12000 rpm
8 kw / 10 hp
450 mm
200 mm
960 mm

Integrex j-200 & j-200S Technology

Control Type: SmoothX

Intelligent Machine Functions

AVCSCCSmooth Machining ConfigurationIntelligent Safet Shield

Series Characteristics

  • Compact machine with large component capacity
  • Long Y-axis strokes
  • High-speed positioning
  • High-speed milling spindle
  • High-torque spindle
  • 20-tool magazine (standard), 36 and 72 tool magazine optional
  • Easy integration of bar feeder or gantry loaders for system automation