ITS - Intelligent Thermal Shield



High speed machining will generate heat that may cause machine heat displacement. Compensation for machine heat displacement places a considerable burden on machine operators. The INTELLIGENT THERMAL SHIELD function automatically compensates the heat displacement in order to realize high accuracy machining over extended periods of operation. While the conventional heat displacement control function requires parameter setting by machining sample workpieces each time the environment or operation status changes, the INTELLIGENT THERMAL SHIELD realizes high accuracy machining even when the environment or operation status changes by the advanced spindle heat displacement prediction system.



High accuracy compensation for spindle expansion and contraction due to spindle operation has been realized thanks to the advanced spindle heat displacement prediction system that incorporates spindle speed commands - one of the main factors of spindle heat displacement.


Machine Design


Heat Displacement Compensation for Factory Temperature Changes


Yamazaki Mazak has performed extensive testing in a variety of environments in a temperature controlled room and has used the results to develop a control system that automatically compensates for temperature changes. For example the VERTICAL CENTER NEXUS 410A-II realizes machine heat displacement less than 8 μm (0.0003”) in a room temperature change of 8℃(14.4 F)。