• The IVS-200 has an 8 inch chuck and high speed X-axis rapid traverse of 110 m/min for considerable reduction of non-cutting time.

      IVS series

      Inverted Vertical Spindle CNC Turning Centers

      IVS series is designed for mass production applications. With high speed X-axis rapid traverse and a moving headstock that directly picks up work pieces from a work conveyor so that a gantry robot is not necessary. Automatic production systems can be implemented for mass production of mid to small size lots by not only stand-alone machines but also by connected machines.

      Even material more than HRC 50 can be turned by the IVS series instead of grinding to eliminate the pollution normally produced by grinding machines

      Machine Specifications
    Main Spindle
    Turret (Upper)
    Feed Axes
    Maximum Swing
    Maximum Machining Diameter
    Maximum Machining Length
    Chuck Size
    Maximum Speed
    Motor Output (30 minute rating)
    Number of Tools
    Travel (X Axis)
    Travel (Z Axis)
    Bed Length -
    280 mm
    180 mm
    100 mm
    8 in
    7000 rpm
    26 kw / 35.0 hp
    880 mm
    280 mm

    IVS Technology

    Control Type: Smooth C

    Intelligent Machine Functions

    Intelligent Safet ShieldITSMVAIMS

    Series Characteristics

    • Inverted spindle designs
    • Available rotary tool milling (M) capability
    • High accuracy positioning and performance stability
    • Accepts parts in any orientation
    • Easily configured into two-machine turnkey setups
    • Rotary tooling for more complete processing
    • Gantry loader automation