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MazaCAM CAM Software


MazaCAM CAD/CAM is the right choice if you want to use CAD programming for your production, without losing the advantage of Mazatrol programming.

MazaCAM enables you to output correct Mazatrol programs while programming in an CAM system. MazaCAM supports all Mazak machines and controllers. Mazatrol programs for all Mazak lathes, milling and multitasking machines (with indexing of 4th and 5th axis), are created in one system, and without post-processors.


MazaCAM Editor

This editor will give you the functionality of programming at the machine without having to stand there or wait to the end of the day so you can program your parts now that the shop has reduced its production.


Program directly from CAD, and import CAD files into a true CAD / CAM system that outputs Mazatrol and G-code. Simply click on the CAD drawing to tell it what you want to cut, then the system will make the Mazatrol or G-code with the dimensions and measurements from the CAD information, instead of entering each number by hand.

3D and Multi-Axis Machining

Program curved and tapered surfaces and solids; 3D walls, edges, and corners. Create 3D cuts from 3D multi-surface models or solid models, using a powerful variety of strategies, simple and advanced.

Convert Between Controls

Convert your existing Mazatrol program from one generation to another


With the SolidVerify module, you can simulate the tools cutting the part, and catch and fix many errors before tying up CNC-machine time. So when you put the job up on the machine, that much less time is wasted on the shop-floor.

Data Management

Store and Manage your Mazatrol programs on the computer. Access your files faster: spend less time looking for programs and more time programming new parts.