1_10000.gifSub-Micron Input & Nano Control
High accuracy machining is ensured by the sub-micron [0.0001 mm (0.00001in.)] minimum program increment for both Mazatrol and EIA/ISO programs. The system’s high-speed calculation capability delivers high accuracy, high-speed machining even with sub-micron program commands.




Quadrant Spike Compensation
By minimizing each axes’ stick-slip during operations such as circular interpolation, quadrant spikes are minimized to realize high quality machining.



Large CNC Display

A15”* color XGA LCD display is standard equipment for higher visibility of data, such as machine position, program, machine status and many other displays used by the operator for machine setup and operation.

* The display of MAZATROL MATRIX NEXUS is 12.1"

A QWERTY keyboard is standard equipment providing the same data input operation method as a personal computer. The previous CNC model did not have a full keyboard which required more time to enter data.

Rotary Dial Switches

Rotary dial switches allow an operator to detect override and axis selection by feel during machine setup and operation.




Machined Chip Breaking Cycle

Chips sometimes wind around tools due to characteristics of the machined material and chip breaker selection. By adding “cut length cycle for each turning pass” in a Mazatrol program, the axis feed momentarily stops at the end of each designated cut length to break the machined chip and then immediately resumes cutting. This contributes to making unmanned operation over extended periods of time.


Mill Turning

The Mazatrol Mill-Turn cycle is extremely effective for the rough machining of difficult to machine material such as aerospace alloys. Both the milling tool and workpiece rotates for this operation to provide improved chip control. Since multiple inserts are used for cutting instead of a single insert as used for normal turning, the effective cutting force is reduced allowing a higher feedrate to be used. This also extends the cutting life of the inserts which allows unmanned operation to be performed over extended periods of time.


Helical Approach Pocket Machining

Helical approach for pocket machining in Mazatrol programs can now be performed. It makes it possible not only to minimize built-up edge by reducing the cutting force but also to realize smoother chip removal. Additionally, since machining can begin with a faster feedrate, the overall machining cycle is reduced.


Virtual Maching

Machine programs can be made with minimum errors and time required for test cuts thanks to realistic machine 3D simulation displays that can be used for convenient program confirmation and checking for any machine interference. Additionally, this unique Mazatrol function makes it possible to simulate the machining of a new program during the machining of the current workpiece.




MAZATROL MATRIX verbally informs which switches have been selected and advises caution as necessary during manual machine operation.