3D laser processing machine for cutting of any type of workpiece – from cubic workpieces, pipe and structural material to bevel cutting

The SPACE GEAR U-44 makes it possible to perform high speed, high accuracy laser cutting of different materials and different thicknesses the same as 2D laser processing machines. The quality of the laser cutting is the same at any table location. High value-added laser cutting, such as bevel cutting, cubic workpiece cutting, and processing of pipe and structural material can be performed.

SPACE GEAR U-44 + Auto Robofeeder

This system provides unsurpassed productivity thanks to automatic part loading and chuck clamping by NC program making it possible to perform unmanned operation. Setup time is considerable reduced by the ability to cut multiple workpieces from a single long pipe. NC programs can be conveniently made by using Mazak FG CADCAM software.


Machine Specifications
Feed Axes
Maximum Cutting Size Right/Left
Maximum Cutting Size Longitudinal
Travel (X axis)
Travel (Y axis)
Travel (Z axis)
1250 mm
1250 mm
1270 mm
1270 mm
340 mm

Mazak 3D Fabri Gear III Laser Technology

Control Type: Mazak FX