Your new portal to simultaneous 5-axis machining Designed to provide you the maximum value
  • Spindle specifications available for a wide range of machining requirements
  • 30 tools magazine-standard equipment 60, 90 and 120 tools optionally available
  • Wide variety of automation equipment available – such as 2-pallet changer
  • Next generation MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC system
Spindle specifications to meet a wide variety of machining requirements

The high rigidity spindle can perform heavy duty machining of steel as well as high speed machining of non-ferrous materials such as aluminum. High speed and high torque specifications are available.

Speed Standard High-torque *
12000 min-1 15000 min-1
Output(40% ED) 11 kW (15 HP) 46 kW (62 HP)
Max. torque
(40% ED)
70 N・m 200 N・m
Tool shank BT-40 /BBT-40 /HSK-A63 BT-40 /BBT-40 /HSK-A63
Speed High-speed *
18000 min-1 20000 min-1
Output(40% ED) 30 kW (40 HP) 42 kW (56 HP)
Max. torque
(40% ED)
105 N・m 161 N・m
Tool shank BT-40 /BBT-40 /HSK-A63 BT-40 /BBT-40 /HSK-A63



Compact spindle cartridge minimizes workpiece interference

Large machining area and compact spindle cartridge allows short tools to be used for high-accuracy machining.


High rigidity table

High rigidity tilting rotary table for high speed and high accuracy machining.


2-pallet changer

The next workpiece can be setup during the machining of the current workpiece for higher productivity.


Robot system

The VARIAXIS C-600 simultaneous 5-axis vertical machining center is designed to be easily integrated with automation systems thanks to the flat surface of the front of the machine and the large internal operation area.
Robot interface is optionally available.
Parts can be automatically loaded / unloaded over extended periods of operation.


Next generation MAZATROL Smooth CNC system


Machine Specifications
Maximum Workpiece Diameter
730 mm
Maximum Workpiece Height
450 mm
Spindle Taper
Maximum Speed
12000 rpm
Number of Tools
Rotary Axes
Spindle Tilt (B axis)
150 degrees
Rotary Axes
Table Indexing (C axis)
360 degrees
Feed Axes
Travel (X Axis)
650 mm
Feed Axes
Travel (Y Axis)
650 mm
Feed Axes
Travel (Z Axis)
530 mm