VORTEX e-1600V/10S

Shown with optional 84 tool magazine and status light (3 colors)

High-performance simultaneous 5-axis machining center designed for exceptional versatility and efficiency
VORTEX e-1600V/10S
  • Double column ensures high-accuracy machining in large working area
  • MAZATROL SmoothX CNC together with linear roller guides ensure high speed feedrates with high accuracy
  • Versatile multi-tasking machining thanks to 0.0001┬░positioning of B and C-axes
  • Wide range of spindle specifications: standard 10000 rpm, high torque 5000 rpm for difficult to machine materials, and high speed 15000 rpm
  • Direct drive table motor provides high performance 5-axis simultaneous machining


Machine Specifications
Rotary Axes
Feed Axes
Maximum Workpiece Diameter
Maximum Workpiece Height
Spindle Taper
Maximum Speed
Number of Tools
Spindle Tilt (B axis)
Table Indexing (C axis)
Travel (X Axis)
Travel (Y Axis)
Travel (Z Axis)
2300 mm
1669 mm
10000 rpm
150 degrees
360 degrees
2165 mm
1600 mm
1345 mm

Vortex e-V Technology

Control Type: SmoothX